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Water and Grander Technology

The process of vitalizing of water based on a technology of transmission of information (used some natural information of elevate level). Nothing is added or take out from the water. According to Johann Grander, the inventor of the vitalization of water, the proper quality of vitalized water- with all the positive effect on man, animals, plants and all the ambient in general environment - can be transmitted to every kind of water. The vitalization happens through devices fill up with information Grander water that can be put in a water tube or directly in the water. This information water is the base of all the Grander technology products.

With some clients personal experiences, the propriety of the vitalized water can be so synthesize:

  • increase the stability following a microbiological modification improve the taste
  • often turn out to be sweeter
  • can improve the aspect (clarification)
  • can improve the welfare c
  • an give to products ( fruits ,vegetables ,bread ,drinks etc. ) more freshness and
  • flavour and increase the conservation
  • can improve the growing of plants and beauty of flowers
  • thanks to a dissolvent capability you use less detergents and soap
  • goes back in nature vitalized for an advantage to the nature itself
  • lots of animal are particularly attracted to vitalized water

The effects of Grander technology are scientifically proved on microbiologic analysis.

Another strength of our water - in addition of being heated in harmony with the environment thanks to the solar panels - è is the total absence of limestone got through a natural process.

For several years, driven by our love of nature, we have installed a machine that allows us to remove limescale from the water, but without making chemical preserving and ensuring its naturalness and purity.

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